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MetroPet All Stars Club MetroPet All Stars Club

Providing Healthy Food for Your Dog Should Be the Least of Your Worries

When it comes to our pets, we all want the absolute best. That is why MetroPet has created the All Stars Club, where our best friends are the real protagonists. We have come up with what we think is the best way to provide a balanced, carefully studied package of products, perks and benefits for our beloved companions while making your life as their caretaker easier and more convenient, whilst giving you the peace of mind that comes with the certainty that you are making the right choice by actually eliminating the need to choose by yourself.

All-inclusive, carefully curated packages
with only The Very Best for every Life Stage.

Age Groups
Puppy Stars Membership Puppy Stars Membership

For dogs age 0 - 2

Designed to build a healthy brain, body, and bones during the most crucial development stage. Includes puppy-friendly foods that are easy on teething pups and support active puppies, treats that stimulate a puppy's brain and promote healthy activity, and the food is higher in fat, balanced to support their developing brains.
Grown Stars Membership Grown Stars Membership

For dogs age 2 - 10

Designed to strengthen and reach optimal health for your gown dog's body, bones, and brain. Includes raw and canned food options to protect your dog's teeth. Treats that support your dog's lifestyle - choose from active, sedimentary, or working dog. Food that provides the ideal balance of carbs/fat/protein for your dog's breed.
Senior Stars Membership Senior Stars Membership

For dogs age 10 - up

Designed to prevent and support common health problems like tooth decay, joint problems, weight gain, and digestive issues. Includes raw and canned food options to protect your dog's teeth. Treats that are fun for your senior dog without causing injury. Food low in carbs/fat and rich in protein to compensate for a less-active lifestyle.

Becoming a MetroPet All Stars Club Member is completely FREE.

When you buy your Membership Package, the MetroPet All Stars Club will deliver the Products to your doorstep every 28 days, automatically and without hassle, and completely free for the Metroplex area. All you need to do is shop for your desired package, and if you haven't already, register your account in our shop so that You and your Dog start enjoying the Membership benefits right away!

The goodness doesn't stop at the best products.

Membership Advantages

It wouldn't be a real Club without membership exclusives, would it?

The All Stars Club goes above and beyond by complementing its product offerings with thoughtful, really valuable additional benefits and perks for its Stars.

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    Only carefully selected premium products and brands

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    Tailored to your pet's age group

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    Includes nutrition, skin care and fun and rewarding items

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    Monthly supply to cover all your pet's needs

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    Automatic discounts for All Stars Club Members

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    White-glove delivery to your doorstep at no additional cost

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    Package Customization available for special needs

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    Special discounts and promotions available to Members only

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    Special partnerships with local pet-oriented business

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    Local business serving the DFW area for 15+ years - we know you!

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    Membership is 100% Free - pay only for the products


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