K9 Natural Raw Frozen Venison

K9 Natural Raw Frozen Venison

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    Venison meat, venison bone, venison blood, venison green tripe, venison liver, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, spinach (chard), cabbage, apple, pear, venison hearts, venison kidneys, eggs, green llipped mussel and garlic.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Minimum Crude Protein 15.1% Minimum Crude Fat 10.5% Maximum Crude Fiber 0.5% Maximum Moisture 66%

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K9 Natural Raw Frozen Venison

NO artificial ingredients

NO additives or preservatives

NO wheat, rice, grains, cereals, soy or gluten

NO Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP)

Package Size: 1kg/2.2lb and 5kg/11lb sizes

K9 Natural is made with meat (derived from grass-fed, ranch raised animals), bone, blood, tripe, liver, heart and kidney plus vegetables, fruit, egg, green lipped mussel and garlic.

K9 Natural is a nutritionally sound and species appropriate diet which can therefore be fed to dogs at any stage of life: from puppies to senior, during pregnancy and lactation. It is also suitable for any breed of dog, from toy to giant.

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